SAT Prep

SAT/PSAT Classes, ACT Classes, and Individual Programs(below)

Premium SAT/PSAT Program: This class (offered throughout the year) prepares students for the PSAT/SAT tests. It is designed for students who want higher test scores to improve their college choices. Test-taking and content strategies are included. All changes to the tests will be addressed.

• 28-hour program includes 20 hours of instruction plus two full-length practice tests
• Small classes (maximum 8 students)
• Classes taught by experts with years of SAT Prep teaching experience
• Proven Test-Taking Strategies for each part of the test. These include pacing, process of elimination, guess and check, and more. Course covers reading comprehension techniques, quick solution strategies for math, important grammar rules for the writing section, and key essay strategies.
• Vocabulary exercises which help students with reading comprehension and sentence completions
• Practice on actual content from the College Board(The Official SAT Study Guide)
• This course teaches students exactly what they need to know in the most focused and effective program available
• Affordable--$549 per student (Was $625). Payment plans available.

189 point average increase, many students increase their scores as much as 200-300 points

Intensive SAT/PSAT Program: Only offered in the summer, this class is designed for students striving for scholarships or high scores on the National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test. This class has all the features of the Classic program but includes an emphasis on more difficult math and verbal content. More time is dedicated to solving and providing strategies for answering more difficult questions. It includes content from actual past PSAT/SAT Tests plus additional math, writing, and vocabulary work. This 48 hour program includes 38 hours of instruction plus 3 practice tests.

Knowledge Guides typically has 1-2 National Merit Finalists each year. Some recent scores have included: 230, 221, 220, 219, and 217. 240 is highest possible. 217 typically is high enough(in Texas--varies according to state) to make the cut for National Merit Semifinalist which qualifies the student to enter to contest to become a finalist.

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