ACT Prep

Premium ACT Class

• 28 Hour Program includes 2 practice tests and 10 to 16 sessions depending on schedule.
• Typical Point increase after taking course is 3 to 6 points.


• This program teaches test-taking strategies which will give students a better idea of what to expect on the test. These strategies include process of elimination, pacing, guessing strategies, and how to handle test-taking anxiety and build confidence.
• This course also teaches specific strategies for each of the 4 sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. In addition, students will review important math concepts and learn quicker ways to solve problems. The course will focus on how to write an effective essay as well.
• Students practice on each type of section and take a shorter version of a pre and post test. These tests give students an indication of how well they would do on a full-length test. Parents will receive a report at the end of the course showing how their student did and suggestions for further prep.
• Students will also take a full-length test to help them prepare for the real experience.


• The Real ACT Prep Guide. This is the best ACT Prep book on the market. It is from the makers of the test and contains real content from past tests. This book provides students with an accurate sense of what to expect on the actual ACT
• Preparing for the ACT. This is a manual from the test-makers. It contains test information, a complete practice test, and sample essays.
• Our ACT Course Guide which includes information and strategies for each part of the test.